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How to use the Touch Bar with the Mac App Store Featured

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You can purchase apps and games from the Mac App Store with one touch thanks to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.

Thanks to Touch ID on the 2016 MacBook Pro, you can use your fingerprint to make Mac App Store purchases and access content requiring your Apple ID password. Not only does it make it easier to quickly download apps and games you want, but it also means you can create a long, complex Apple ID password without worrying about how often you'll have to enter it.

We, naturally, have an inclination to make life easier for ourselves. When it comes to passwords we know we'll be using regularly, it might be tempting to create something simple, easy to remember, and short. We know it's a bad idea, but sometimes, we do things we know are bad if it makes our lives a little easier.

Now that the MacBook Pro has Touch ID, I've created an ultra complex, long, and strong password to keep my Apple ID safe. With the Touch Bar, and Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint instead of typing in that strong, annoying password.

How to search for content in the Mac App Store with the Touch Bar (The article continues...)

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