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Reader Harold and his wife, Ginnie, were puzzled about setting up Mail in macOS to use their business’s return email address when they replied from an iCloud account. Harold notes, “I hate the thought that I will have to type it in every time but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.”

It’s a feature, but it’s not obvious in the least. When you set up an account in Mail, or it’s synced from iOS, Mail prefills a lot of values. This includes the Email Address field you find in Preferences > Accounts in the Account Information tab. For our Mac 911 account, for example, it prefills the email address that’s used to login to the service at which this mail is hosted.


You can add return addreses in Mail.

But note that it’s a pop-up menu. Click it, and you can choose Edit Email Addresses. This lists all return addresses associated with the account. For my iCloud account, I have my account name for @icloud.com, but also the old @me.com and @mac.com—sometimes I have to deal with some service where I registered long ago with me.com or mac.com addresses, and it requires a matching returned address.

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