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T-Mobile is about to make its most exciting new service free for all subscribers

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It might’ve taken a little longer than the company had hoped, but T-Mobile is finally ready to unleash its new “Digits” product. First teased all the way back in October 2015 when a T-Mobile executive fired shots at AT&T’s just-announced NumberSync, T-Mobile eventually introduced Digits as a beta this past December. That beta has now hosted tens of thousands of participants according to Evan Feldman, T-Mobile’s director of product marketing, and the company is ready to make it available more widely.

In fact, T-Mobile is announcing on Thursday that Digits will be made available to everyone beginning May 31st, and every single subscriber will have his or her phone number transformed into a Digits number for free.

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So, what exactly is a Digits number?

In a nutshell, Digits is a nifty service that combines the best features of services like Google Voice and AT&T NumberSync into a single product. It allows one phone number to work on multiple devices, and it also allows one device to support multiple phone numbers.

The first part — one phone number that works on multiple devices — means that users can have their phone number function across any phone, tablet, wearable, or PC.

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