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How to adjust mailbox behavior for sent mail via iCloud from a Mac Featured

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David Whitton finds that when he sends email using iCloud from Apple’s Mail app in macOS that the outgoing messages can wind up arbitrarily in the Sent mailbox in either the iCloud account or the On My Mac section.

Seems there is no way of knowing which will happen, nor to force one or the other. They get sent from On My Mac or from iCloud for no apparent reason!

This is a concern for him, because the On My Mac archived messages don’t appear to him on other devices, like his iPhone.


You can pick whether special mailboxes store messages locally or on the mail server.

Mail organizes mailboxes by local and remote storage, generally preferring server-hosted messages using IMAP. If you have multiple accounts, the Mailboxes section will show generally used mailbox names with an expansion triangle to the left of each name. This lets you manage these common folders in one place. All your custom folders typically appear beneath a label in the mailboxes sidebar that has the name you use in Mail > Preferences > account name > Account Information in the Description field.

The exception is On My Mac, which indicates all the local folders on the computer you’re currently using.

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