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How to import videos from iPhone to Mac

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Depending on your preferences and settings in iOS and macOS for Photos, videos may not automatically import from your iPhone to your Mac. Follow along below as we’ll look at a couple of options to transfer your videos from iPhone to your Mac.


If you aren’t using iCloud Photo Library with your Apple devices, videos won’t automatically import to your Mac from your iPhone. We’ll cover how to manually import your videos by plugging your iPhone into your Mac, but first a little more background on iCloud Photo Library.

Two of the biggest benefits to using iCloud Photo Library are having one synchronized photo and video library across all of your Apple devices (and the web), and having the option to compress your library so it takes up less room on your devices.

If you’d like to learn more about iCloud Photo Library and see a detailed walkthrough of setting up this iOS/macOS feature, read more here.

Note: Even though iCloud Photo Library will synchronize photos and videos across all of your Apple devices, you’ll need to be on Wi-Fi to do so, and longer videos may take awhile to show up on your Mac and other devices.

If you’d prefer to manually manage your videos (and photos) or in some cases maybe just want to import the occasional video(s) faster than what iCloud Photo Library provides, follow these steps:

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