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Saturday, 09 September 2017 15:15

Best way to travel with Apple Watch

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Going on a summer road trip? Here's how to keep your Apple Watch protected and juiced.

Between commuting to Montréal, European roller derby adventures, and Apple events, I've seen a fair amount of travel this year. I've spoken before about how I travel with my electronics and what I pack, but I want to talk specifically about traveling with an Apple Watch.

Why travel with an Apple Watch?

Friends, the better question is why not travel with an Apple Watch? It's one of the easiest ways to send texts or keep up on flight alerts as you traverse terminals with heavy bags. It'll track all those steps you spend dragging said suitcases from airports to hotels and back again.

And if you're in an area that supports tap-to-pay — which is, at this point, pretty much every country outside of the U.S. — paying with your watch is about a million times simpler and more secure than using a credit card. (Especially because if you're traveling with a U.S. card, you'll often have to sign for purchases; that requirement is lifted when you're using Apple Pay.)

Heck, even some gas stations in the United States have started supporting tap-to-pay: When I drove back from Montréal this week, I was able to pay for my gas on I-89 solely by waving my Apple Watch.

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