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Secret Apple Watch controls: How to use the Digital Crown and side button!

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Perhaps the most noticeable of the Apple Watch's interaction options, the Digital Crown is a physical dial that you can spin to scroll, press once, or press and hold to activate a number of different features.

Scroll to wake up your watch

If you don't want to raise your wrist, you can briefly press the Digital Crown to wake your watch's display.

For a more subtle reveal, you can scroll up on the crown to slowly brighten the display from sleep: It's a great way to quickly glance at the time or notifications when you're in a dark place, or don't want to bother companions.

Scroll to Time Travel

If you have most watch faces active, scrolling the Digital Crown up or down will activate watchOS's Time Travel feature: This lets you virtually "travel" forward or backward in time to view upcoming appointments, how much you've exercised, how long it'll take your electric car to charge, and all sorts of complication options.

How to use Time Travel on Apple Watch


On the Astronomy face, Time Travel moves the shadow on the Earth and its clouds as it passes around the Sun, even revealing city lights at nighttime.

Note: The globe's location on the Astronomy face is based on your current time zone.

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