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10 smart locks that let you ditch your house keys forever

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House keys are relics of the past and right now, we’re living in the future. There’s simply no reason to keep fumbling with house keys that you have to dig out of your bag or your pocket every time you get home. It’s annoying and it’s completely unnecessary. Instead, there are a wide variety of smart lock solutions out there that fit any door, and they complete remove the need to use your keys. There are more conventional options like the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt that let you enter your home by keying in a PIN code, and there are Bluetooth connected models like the Kwikset Kevo that let you unlock the door with your phone. There’s even the August Smart Lock, which can be configured to automatically unlock your door as you approach it, so you don’t even need to touch your phone.

We’ve rounded up 10 great smart locks for you to check out, and they’re all listed below.

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