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8 things you need to delete from your Facebook page right now

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We’ve become a world of over sharers. Whether it’s endless tweets of your lunch, overdoing the Instagram selfies or those Snapchats we’d rather didn’t fall into the wrong hands, we’re all guilty. Facebook, though, remains the biggest culprit in our social sharing addiction.

While simply overdoing the humble brags, inspiring quotes and fitness session posts that scream ‘I want attention’ are annoying, they’re not going to do any worse than costing you a couple of friends.

There’s plenty on your Facebook page just waiting to stab you in the back though. Those forgotten posts and profile additions that, in the wrong hands could not only damage your reputation but cost you big. Worried? Don’t be, just make sure you’ve deleted this lot from your Facebook profile before relaxing.

1. Your phone number

This isn’t the days of MSN messenger when you hoped that guy/girl you were crushing on would see your digits and drop you a text. The Facebook world is a less innocent place. Yes, putting your phone number on your profile might have seemed a good idea six years ago when Facebook told you it needed it for improved security, but it’s really not.

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