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How to be sure a drive has ejected from a Mac

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Bob Cronan wonders how to be sure that macOS is no longer using the USB stick he relies on before he physically removes it from his Mac.

How do I know that the ‘stick’ is completely released/powered-off before I remove it? If I recall correctly, other OSes issue a message that it’s safe to remove the volume.

This is one of the most-asked questions we receive, and while we’ve answered aspects of it in recent years, Mac 911 hasn’t offered all the details in one place.

Apple has gotten much better about letting you know the status of a mounted disk or networked volume over the history of OS X and now macOS. It used to be maddening to know what was going on. Later, you received an error, but had no action to take. In the current form of the last few releases, the OS gives you a variety of feedback.

You can eject a physically attached, inserted, or networked volume by:

  • Right-clicking it and selecting Eject “Volume Name”.
  • Selecting it in any view (on the Desktop, in a Finder window, etc.
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