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Apple just released its first AirPods firmware update – here’s how to install it

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Apple’s new AirPods are by far the most talked about headphones that have been released in recent years. Following their unveiling last September, there was a bit of controversy surrounding Apple’s peculiar AirPods design. There were also some manufacturing issues that ended up delaying Apple’s launch from October all the way until December last year. But Apple’s truly wireless earbuds are still next to impossible to find unless you’re willing to pay a premium and buy them on Amazon, and people who have managed to secure a pair love them. In fact, even I love them after having been quite critical of Apple’s design following the AirPods’ unveiling.

If you’re in possession of a pair of Apple’s hot new AirPods, you should know that the company quietly released its first AirPods firmware update last night. Do you know how to check your current AirPods firmware version? Do you know how to install the update? Don’t worry if you answered “no” to either or both of those questions, because we’ve got you covered.



First things first: what is firmware? Without getting too involved, firmware is the software installed on device’s read-only memory that controls how the device functions.

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