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How to create the inverse of a Smart Album's selections in Photos

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Adlan Chaykin has created a Smart Album in Photos for macOS that contains all his screenshots, using criteria to select them.

However, I would also like to have another Smart Album that contains all of my non-screenshot photos. There is no “Album is not <smart album>” option in the criteria field.

Apple has left out a few conditionals for Smart Albums that would make a world of difference in improving how powerful the feature is for selecting images. You can’t create this effect automatically, but you can handle it manually with a little extra jiggery-pokery. You’ll wind up with three Smart Albums:

Your original with screenshots, which we will call “Screenshots” for reference.One that’s keyword tagged that we’ll call “Not Screenshots.”One that’s a duplicate of “Screenshots” smart criteria but also isn’t tagged with a keyword, which we’ll call “Screenshots to Tag.”

Follow these steps:

Select the “Screenshots” album.Select All.Apply via the Info palette a unique keyword (select Window > Info if it’s not showing). Let’s say it’s screenshot.Create another Smart Album (File > New Smart Album), “Not Screenshots”, and set the criteria to Keyword, Is Not, and screenshot. This now contains all photos that aren’t screenshots.Right-click the “Screenshots” album in the album list and choose Duplicate Smart Album. (The article continues...)

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