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How to Choose and Customize Your Watch Face on Apple Watch

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With all of the amazing features Apple Watch has to offer, it's almost easy to forget that it's also a watch. Apple has made it possible for you to change watch faces like you change your socks. Not only that, but you can customize each face with a variety of features, called "complications," for a fully personalized experience. We've got a tutorial for you today that explains how to change from one watch face to another, the complications available for each face, and how to customize each face with your favorite ones.


Changing the Watch Face Currently, there are 10 different watch faces available on Apple Watch, but Apple has hinted that additional watch faces will be released in the future. For now, switching between the 10 watch faces is simple. Press firmly on the screen that displays the time (what Apple calls a Force Touch). Swipe left or right to browse watch face options. Tap "Customize to see available complications and other options for each face. Tap the face you want to use. Watch Faces and Customizable Complications Astronomy The astronomy face displays the solar system, day, date, and current time. (The article continues...)

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